erarts Edward Reed Arts Organization strives to support independent artists as business owners that are self supporting. This organization is a non-profit 501 C 3 corporation which seeks public donations and grants for support of our programs. Revenues are also based on membership which provide members benefits based on their level of membership.

ER Arts was established in 2003 to encourage artists to see themselves as business owners. There is research supporting the fact that when artists move into a community the property values increase as well as the livability of the area. The communities stimulated by artist involvement then become out of reach for the artist due to the increase in cost to live there. The Doorman Cometh NY Times.

Program goals include education in legal issues related to owning a small business and selling a product. Ownership of real estate and equipment Marketing skills so creations and skills can be sold at a market rate to create a self supporting lifestyle.




Justin Beard served as the director of ER Arts as well as managing his own production theater company Strike Anywhere Productions. He achevied an amazing amount in the year he was with us and has now moved to Berlin and is involved in the arts scene there. Justin is an amazing leader and we are grateful for his involvement with our organization.

During his role as director Justin Beard oversaw the buildout of the theater, the gallery and the meeting space that is in yellow on the floor plan shown on the building page. Justin oversaw the class development shown above. He established a theater venue that included his own production company and several other small groups.