Edward Reed Arts Organization

Supporting Artists as business owners

2452 Alki Avenue S.W. #302 Seattle, WA 98116

244 Fifth Ave, NY, NY 10001

Telephone: (315) 566-9562 Telephone: (646) 599-6255



ER Arts was established in 2003 in Conjunction with JEM Studios as an organization that would strive to support independent artists as business owners. This includes owning Assets, charging fair market value for services & products and becoming self sufficient in the artist chosen craft. The main focus is to provide environments for artists that remain in the arts after artists have made the area popular. There are several links below related to our first year of programs, partnerships and our development in Seattle of an artist live and work building that included a gallery, theater and studios.

Chad McMurray continues to operate the MIX in the Gallery built by JEM and volunteers.

Building Development  
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